Draw Down Dead is a fast paced 3D rails style shooter game inspired by the old arcade shooters. Designed to take advantage of the capabilities of today's latest phones, Draw Down Dead stretches the limits of what's possible in a mobile game.

Draw Down Dead takes full advantage of the sensors on today's latest phones to achieve new levels of aiming precision and turn your phone into a gun (requires a gyroscope equipped phone). For phones without the required sensors, the game also lets you aim using standard touch controls. Experienced players can combine the game's motion and touch based aiming for even better results.

Welcome to the Wild West town of Good Intentions! Good Intentions is a town on the edge of Hell and as it's newest resident, you've decided to take on the task of cleaning up the evil that has infested it. As you walk through town, undead enemies rush out to confront you, from ghouls that look human until they attack, to skeletons, zombie hanged men, and more. Keep a look out for enemies running from side alleys and doors and watch out for that sniper in the window. Make sure your aim is true and take care not to hit innocents! Seek out special targets for bonuses and collect special attacks to defeat tough enemies.

We're just getting started and have a lot more planned down the road including more levels, weapons, and even multiplayer!

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